I’m Ashleigh – commonly known as rash thanks to a creative friend who has a unique ability to make nicknames stick… yep :/ Although, I promise I do not have any form of disease involving a rash, especially herpes. I’m 18, Aquarius, obsessed with the moon, and it literally took me a week to write this first blog post as I could not think of anything interesting to write about myself. Anyway, I’m trying…
I’m a very confused first year uni student at UOW studying a bachelor of communication and media studies – dean’s scholar (don’t ask me how I got dean’s scholar.. I’m still questioning whether there was some form of mistake). My favourite thing about uni so far is 100% seeing all the clothes that girls wear everyday. Honestly, if i had a dollar for every time I have wished that I could Shazam someone’s outfit this past week then I might have enough money to actually afford new clothes. Key word: might.. I am currently unemployed (SOS), although I do have a job trial coming up for Salsa’s, (Y) yay tacos.
I’m not completely defined on what I want out of life career-wise yet, but I am hoping that this uni degree will have me doing practical things and take me exciting places because the thought of working in an office every day physically makes me anxious. I think picking a font is seriously one of life’s hardest tasks, followed closely by picking what to order at a restaurant (when in doubt caesar salad always).
I’m left-handed, – sorry if any of you ever have to sit to the left of me in a lecture, those table things are so obviously made for right-handed people 😦 – which is the only thing that makes me a freak of nature, besides maybe the fact that I hate lollies?
I’m a complete music junkie, triple j you are my life. I honestly couldn’t give you a favourite band or song though because my taste changes based on what mood I’m in, but at the moment Bombay Bicycle Club is playing in my ears. As often as my music taste changes, so does my favourite colour.. I feel so cruel if I single out one because they’re all so differently perfect. I’m clearly a very indecisive person if you haven’t noticed.
I think the most unexpected fun fact about me is that I’ve experienced 20 piercings in my lifetime, not all of which I currently have. Usually when people hear that they immediately picture a punk girl with black hair and holes all over her face but I’m surprisingly not like that so here is a photo of me to prove it…. Image

I’m the one on the left with my sister and favourite person in the universe next to me.. not that it really matters because we look so alike.

Hope you enjoy reading about my average but perfect life and my university journey throughout the next months, I can’t think of a cool way to end this post and its 12.59am. Bye.