Or are the preconceptions true?

This post follows on from my previous post which spoke of the positives of hacktivism and the power it can have in our society. However, this post focuses on the negative aspects that may come with hacktivisim and what happens when groups use the power of hacking to do harm. LulzSec is an offshoot group from Anonymous and rose to power in 2011 – the five members were Hector Xavier Monsegur, Ryan Clearly, Ryan Ackroyd, Jake Davis and Mustafa Al-Bassam. They were infamous for causing havoc online and laughing at security – hence, the fitting title. It wasn’t until the leader of the team, Monsegur, was forced to turn on his group as an informant that each member was discovered and arrested and the group disjoined. For an in-depth insight into LulzSec and their actions, click here. But I have put a few points into the infographic below to lay down the basics of the negatives aspects of hacktivism as opposed to the positives that we have already seen.

Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 8.23.56 pm