Copyright or Copywrong?

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To me, and hopefully others, copyright is a difficult concept to grasp. Thankfully, Ming Thein (2012) sums it up by asking whether you would take an apple from a table under certain situations, and comparing those situations to downloading images from the internet:
a) A sign said ‘please help yourself’ / creative commons license
b) There was no sign, and no obvious owner / sample for royalty-free or licensed stock
c) There was a tag on the apple saying ‘this belongs to’ / somebody else’s gallery site
d) The table with the apple on it was in a grocery store / somebody else’s site with a watermark and ‘all rights reserved’ in fine print


I had previously never read a whole Terms & Conditions page; but, I can now tick that off my bucket-list thanks to the 4722 words of fun GoPro put forward to ensure proper use of their camera. Surprisingly, I surfaced some interesting points that have forced me to think deeper about the strength of copyright.
GoPro has full faith in licensing of work, affirming that they “respect the intellectual property rights of others and expects its users to do the same.” GoPro has enforced policies which terminates access of users who repeatedly infringe the copyright terms. In accordance with the 1998 Digital Millennium Copyright Act, GoPro responds to claims of copyright infringement, by allowing users to report supposed violations.

GoPro is intensive when it comes to being able to distinguish user content from original GoPro content. They have many templates in their editing program which display that the content is “Shot with my GoPro camera”. As well as this, they encourage users to tag #GoPro when sharing footage on the many platforms that video gets spread across. GoPro does not claim any ownership rights within user content and nothing in their terms restrict any rights that people have to use and exploit user content. However, GoPro has access to any content which can be used as they please, without providing compensation.

Copyright is a complex system which can really only be upheld by one method… reading the T’s and C’s carefully!

Karla Lant 2013



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