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The GoPro camera is one of the latest media innovations to take over our technological immersed world. Impossibly small and incredibly versatile, it is able to capture impressively high quality video and photos by anyone, anywhere. The GoPro camera has experienced rapid and widespread success with products sold in more than 30,000 stores worldwide as well as being available online.

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As a devoted and impressed fan of the camera myself, with almost 50 hours of footage captured through a GoPro, I am well aware of all the features packed into this tiny, amazing cube. But when I am prompted to explore deeper into the concept of convergence, I realise just how many forms of media coincide within this pocket-sized camera and the connections this camera has webbed with other media platforms, such as apps and editing programs.  

“by convergence I mean the flow of content across multiple media platforms, the cooperation between multiple media industries and the migratory behaviour of media audiences” – Jenkins 2006 (2)

It is Jenkins’ understanding of convergence that has pushed me to consider how many media forms are involved in uploading GoPro footage, (footage captured > exported > edited > uploaded to platform >  shared all over the web) and has made me want to focus on the GoPro camera as my chosen technology for this subject – to find out more about the camera and how convergence has been used to ensure it’s success.

Due to the already rapid advancements from the original GoPro to the advanced camera and accessories available today, I forecast that these cameras will continue to develop and stay at the forefront of cameras for several years to come. However, I have found that several other companies have produced cheaper alternatives to the GoPro that demonstrate many similarities both in size and features. This competition could be a concern for GoPro, or alternately, it may be a push to keep converging new technologies into the cameras to stay in the lead. But, for now, the GoPro is the camera equivalent to a Swiss army knife which will make for an interesting and appealing technology to study over the coming weeks.

GoPro cheaper alternatives//  tim-o 2013 (3), STARGO 2O13 (4), SupTig 2013 (5)

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