Social media in a cape

It is clear that in an online environment, “participation is addictive.” It is much easier and less intimidating to be involved with a movement online than it is in other environments due to the fact that we are all so used to being behind a screen. Online activism is fast making a name for itself thanks to the chance for fast mobilisation and mass involvement. Anyone who has access to the Internet has the opportunity to be part of the social network revolution. With over 3.2 billion users constantly connected to this network of peripheries on a worldwide scale, you would think online activism would be quite successful, and this is the case in many examples, 2 of which detailed below. However, online activism has sometimes been coined slacktivism due to the fact that it requires very minimal effort for the individuals involved. Look through the infographic below to learn more about online activism and if you’re feeling inspired, check out this awesome program which would greatly benefit from your becoming involved online 🙂

social network revolutions


One thought on “Social media in a cape

  1. great post this week! the image you provided gave me great insight into the topic. However i feel as if you could have elaborated a touch more on the website you linked, encouraging me to want to click it 🙂

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