Who do you choose?

The long fought battle. iOS vs. Android. But why has the battle been fought for so long? Why are people always so strictly and firmly either team Apple or team Android, what is it about the two that makes them worthy of backing?

It is because the two are so completely different. If the two softwares were similar, people wouldn’t be so fussed on which phone to use since they act in similar ways. But this is not the case when it comes to iOS and Android: to change from one team to the other, you have to entirely change the person you are. I am proud to say that I am, and will always be (I think. We’ll see.) on Team Apple, and I say that with some authority because I have owned Androids in the past. For me, I enjoy having a simple phone that I can tailor to myself a tiny bit – I do not need to be able to modify every aspect of my phone like other people do. And for me to become team Android, I would have to gain an intense interest in spending hours modifying the phone exactly how I want it, and then a few more hours so the perfectionist in me is satisfied. The below infographic, created with Jayden Cross, delves deeper into this burning battle and highlights aspects of the systems that make a person either Team iOS or Team Android.

iOS vs. Android


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