Where am I?

Nelson Mandela, the wise wizard he was, once said, “There is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to find the ways in which you yourself have altered.” This is a statement I have thought of quite often lately, and one that flew into my brain in the first BCM240 lecture of the session when asked where I am in my life, in relation to my degree, my career and my life in general — thanks Kate, these questions really hit me right in the feels, simply because I have no idea. After making changes to my degree, ending a four year relationship and attempting to move out of home, I’m in a huge stage of flux in my life at the moment … and it’s great. Even though I am so confused about so many things, being back at university, back in the blogosphere and back with familiar faces makes it so much easier to recognise and appreciate the ways in which I have changed. And so, as strange as it is to be back BCM blogging, it is also incredibly eye-opening for the new, independent and directed ash.

Perhaps the only thing that has remained constant in the past 6 months is my place in media space.
Have you ever stood at the top of a mountain at night and looked out over a city or the like, and all you can see is thousands of tiny orange dots? If you haven’t, I strongly suggest you do, it really makes you put everything into perspective and realise how blissfully insignificant you are. If you know what I’m talking about, then you’ll understand when I say that I see my place in the media space as one of the tiny orange dots out of the thousands you can see. My place is small, insignificant, surrounded, yet bright. I am not someone who desires to have a huge blog or social media following, but I am also heavily dependent on all forms of media. Shamefully, I am one of those people who sleeps next to their phone and checks social media several times a day, it is just a habit. Whether it is for FOMO or just boredom, social media is a huge part of my life, which secures my place in media space safely amongst the millions of other people who depend on media — lets all just agree to not look into the mental effects this may be having on ourselves okay?

Till next time,
the new Ash.

See me? image source: http://martinimandate.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/4.1259940221.14_lions-head-full-moon-hike1.jpeg

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