It’s not you, it’s me.

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So, this is really the end; I am officially breaking up with my professional ranter alter ego. It’s been a full-on, time consuming, yet fun and interesting experience and I actually feel like I’ve come out the other side of the blogosphere as a more sophisticated writer that considers an issue from multiple perspectives and is seriously skilled at cutting down to fit under a word limit.
BCM110 you have officially transformed me into one of those people that overanalyses and questions absolutely everything. “omg that is a really great ad, although, if I was a builder I’d be totally offended”, “wow that is a powerful image, look at the way they’ve used juxtaposition!” … yep, I’m one of them. But, the ultimate question that these past 6 weeks have forced me to consider is: ‘are we being brainwashed by the media?’.

When I consider the news in particular, it becomes apparent to me that we are, in fact, to some extent, being ‘brainwashed’ by what we read or watch in the media. In regards to media ownership, the very small group of incredibly powerful media moguls in Australia ultimately spread their agenda and ideologies across all platforms through the media puppets that they own. This uniform, bias media, seen everywhere, acts as a sign for the connotations and denotations that the media owners are trying to portray. This, in turn, sparks moral panic and huge debate within the mediated public sphere which leads to people glued to social media through media effects, debating their view point and creating further interest and exposure for the content creators. Whatever way you look at it, the media does to some extent have an effect of every person, unless you literally live under a rock. We are lead to either believe or disagree with everything that we read or watch in the media, and both cause our minds to be affected by the news that we hear. However, I don’t believe we are brainwashed by the media per say, but instead, by the powerful people who are behind the creation of media content. Media is just the means in which this ‘brainwashing’ information is being spread.

So, that is what blogging for the past 6 weeks has done to me. I have an opinion on everything and through reading other fellow bloggers’ posts I have learnt that every other person also has a valid opinion that is, most of the time, very different to mine, which has made for interesting and thought-provoking reads every week. I am now comfortable in voicing my own opinion whilst disregarding the fear of being judged or disagreed with.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my blog over the last few weeks, at least a little bit.
For now, myself and blogger Ashleigh have decided to go our separate ways, but we’ll stay friends.

Logging out. ash xx

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